Alphatox ™ Fitness Bundle ( 14 Day Quick Slim Program )

$139.00 $379.00

Alphatox ™ Fitness Bundle ( 14 Day Quick Slim Program )

$139.00 $379.00
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Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas - Top Rated & Most Effective Blends Online! , Refresh Cleanse and Transform in 30 Days! Our 100% All-Natural Detox Program is easy to add into any daily routine!


Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas Fitness Bundle , By The Best Source of Teas For Weight Loss, Fat Burning, & Ending Bloating for Good! Top Rated For 5 Years!

Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas - Top Rated & Most Effective Blends Online! , Refresh Cleanse and Transform in 30 Days! Our 100% All-Natural Detox Program is easy to add into any daily routine!

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The Alphatox Fitness Bundle
Alphatox #1 Best Seller
About This Bundle:
This bundle is perfect for those looking to burn fat in a still safe but quick fashion. Our Energy & Slimming teas work perfectly together to boost your metabolism, while our Detox blend works to flush out all the nasty stuff that has built up in your body. After you 14 days using this bundle you should feel refreshed & have some significant weight loss achieved. Start your day with the Energy Tea, have the Detox for lunch, & end your day with our delicious Slimming tea before dinner. A great tasting & fun way to lose the tummy!

👇What You Receive With The Fitness Bundle👇

☑️(1) 14 Day Detox Cycle

  • ✔️ Increase Energy & Focus Without Feeling Tired Afterwards
  • ✔️ Boost Immune System
  • ✔️ Tone, Tighten, and Hydrate While Boosting Your Metabolism
  • ✔️ Clear Skin of Impurities
  • ✔️ Naturally Target Bad Fats & Boost Metabolism

☑️(1) 14 Day Slimming Cycle

  • ✔️ Improve REM Sleep
  • ✔️ Reduce Bloating
  • ✔️ Burn Bad Fats by Boosting Your Metabolism
  • ✔️ Lose Weight Naturally
  • ✔️ Full of Antioxidants

☑️(1) 14 Day Energy Cycle

  • ✔️ Boost Energy With No Crash
  • ✔️ Boost Metabolism Effectively Burning More Calories
  • ✔️ Increase Focus All Naturally
  • ✔️ Cleanse Your Body of Toxins & Get A Blast of Antioxidants

    ☑️(1) Alphatox Blender Bottle

    • ✔️BPA & DEHP Chemical Free!

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    • ✔️ Up To 4 Samples of Blends You've Never Tried
    • ⭐ Double Rewards

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    (1 Teabag a day keeps the doctor away )
    Enjoy our teas at anytime of the day. The benefits remain the same!

    ● Premium Detox Tea Ingredient List :
    Goji Berry • Dandelion Leaf • Oolong Leaf • Pu'erh Leaf • Rose Flower • Lemon Grass • Sage leaf • Thyme leaf • Persimmon Leaf

    ● Premium Slimming Tea Ingredients :
    Senna Leaf • Lotus Leaf • Chamomile • Pu'erh Leaf • Sencha Green Tea • Lemon Grass • Garcinia Cambogia Extract • Rhubarb Root • Fennel • Marsh Mallow Leaf • Holy Thistle Leaf • Malva leaf
    ● Premium Energy Tea Ingredient List :
    Long Jing Green Leaf • Ginseng Tea • Oolong Leaf • Roselle • Red Dates • Licorice Root • Peppermint Leaf • Nettle Leaf• Witch Hazel Leaf
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