Alphatox Energy and Focus Tea ( 14 Day )

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Alphatox Energy and Focus Tea ( 14 Day )

$39.00 $59.98
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 🥇 Alphatox™ 14 Day Energy, Focus, and Metabolism Support Tea Detox Tea Blend
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Buy Alphatox Energy Tea Now! Made with only premium natural ingredients & superfoods! Our Energy Blend is great for a natural boost in focus, metabolism support, immune system support, bloating, and best of all it doesn't come with a crash or upset stomach! Alphatox the best weight loss blends that actually work! No trips to the bathroom, safe and organically grown all natural blends. Lose fat fast and burn off that extra layer of tummy! Use code ' FIRST ' for 30% off! Shop now by clicking here or add it to cart and purchase other items. Our Detox Tea Goes GREAT with our slimming tea or energy tea!
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Alphatox Energy Tea Main Benefits:

  • ✔️Boost Energy Without Crashing & Feeling Tired Later
  • ✔️Boost Metabolism Effectively Burning More Calories
  • ✔️Increase Focus Naturally
  • ✔️Cleanse Your Body of Toxins & A Blast of Antioxidants
  • ✔️Increase Productivity of Your Day to Day Tasks
  • ✔️Aid Your Body in Detoxification of Nasty & Unwanted Toxins

Enjoy our teas at anytime of the day. The benefits remain the same!

Flatter Tummy, Tighter Waist, Toned Body, and Tea For Bloating! Say goodbye to bloating and cellulite for good! The Alphatox Flat Tummy Bundle is amazing for burning fat, relieving bloating, boosting energy, immune system support, and naturally losing weight! All organically grown and natural, pure ingredients. Rated #1 For 5 Years In A Row!

● Premium Energy Tea Ingredient List :

 Long Jing Green Leaf • Ginseng Tea • Oolong Leaf • Roselle • Red Dates • Licorice Root • Peppermint Leaf • Nettle Leaf• Witch Hazel Leaf

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