ALPHATOX™ 14 Day Bundle

$89.00 $279.00

ALPHATOX™ 14 Day Bundle

$89.00 $279.00
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Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas - Your Satisfaction With Our Weight Loss Tea & Fitness Programs Is Our Priority! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


How The Alphatox Bundle Works

How It Works & Benefits

Alphatox Premium Teas Thes Most Effect Blends In The Industry!

About This Bundle:

🔹 This bundle will help you expedite your weight loss journey while cleansing your body of harmful toxins. Our Premium Detox Blend aids your bodies metabolism through naturally protecting good fats and burning the bad fats which are harmful to health, skin, and overall well-being.

🔹 The Alphatox Premium Slimming Blend helps you avoid snacking and target trouble areas during the day while also, reducing your appetite so you don't go over your suggested daily caloric intake of 2,000 calories.

🔹 While not required as our blends work without any assistance from exercise aside from maintaining a caloric intake of 2,000 calories or below a day, when paired with regular cardiovascular exercises & healthy eating you can experience amazing results with this bundle.


Drink your detox blend with breakfast every morning.

For best results drink your slimming tea after dinner before bedtime.

What you receive:

(1) 14 Day Detox Cycle

Alphatox Premium Detox Tea is made solely of a 100% natural blend of herbal ingredients. With each and every element of our premium detox tea being preservative, artificial flavoring, and coloring free.

  • ✔️Increase Energy & Focus
  • ✔️Boost Immune System
  • ✔️Clear Skin of Impurities
  • ✔️Tone, Tighten, and Hydrate While Boosting Your Metabolism
  • ✔️Lose Weight Naturally

(1) 14 Day Slimming Cycle

Our 100% natural premium slimming tea blend is packed with herbal ingredients meant to boost your metabolism and promote a fit, happy, and confident lifestyle. With this 14 day cycle, some exercise, and a proper diet you will reach your weight loss goals in a natural and more delightful way than with conventional artificial weight loss products.

  • ✔️Improve REM Sleep
  • ✔️Reduce Bloating
  • ✔️Burn Bad Fats by Boosting Your Metabolism
  • ✔️Lose Weight Naturally
  • ✔️Full of Antioxidants To Maintain A Healthy Body

(1) Alphatox Blender Bottle

  • BPA & DEHP Chemical Free!
(Free Alphatox Blender Bottle with purchase please let us know if you prefer black, red or blue in notes at checkout.)
    (1 Teabag a day keeps the doctor away )
    Enjoy our teas at anytime of the day. The benefits remain the same!

    🌱● Premium Detox Tea Ingredient List :

    Goji Berry • Dandelion Leaf • Oolong Leaf • Pu'erh Leaf • Rose Flower • Lemon Grass • Sage leaf • Thyme leaf • Persimmon Leaf
    Alphatox Fitness Tea

    🌱● Premium Slimming Tea Ingredients :

    Senna Leaf • Lotus Leaf • Chamomile • Pu'erh Leaf • Sencha Green Tea • Lemon Grass • Garcinia Cambogia Extract • Rhubarb Root • Fennel • Marsh Mallow Leaf • Holy Thistle Leaf • Malva leaf

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