Why is it so important to help the liver? 

In short,  the liver breaks down fat cells and turns them into energy for our body to use. 

But there is more to it! Let me enlighten you in a quick synopsis:

Toxins are stored in our fat cells. That is why it is crucial for us to get rid of the extra fat content in our body. Now there are quite a few biological processes that go on to get rid of fat in your body however the one that is most efficient at removing the fat as well as the toxins is the one that requires the aid of your liver. Your liver is a nice big organ in your body that breaks down fats in a process called lipolysis. The way your liver does this is by  producing bile. In your bile there are lots of enzymes that work together to break down your fats. The main enzyme for the lipolysis process that gets rid of your fat by turning it into energy is called lipase. 

A way to help our body get rid of that unwanted extra fat we carry around is by making sure our liver is happy and actively sending out those enzymes into our digestive tract. 

Alphatox teas have herbal ways to make sure that your liver is working at its prime. The earth has so many beautiful plants to offer that can aid our bodies. Alphatox has created a blend that is just right to benefit the natural digestion process Fat loss is the physical benefit you will see from drinking the Alphatox detox teas. However since toxins are stored in the liver you will also see benefits in your mood when you activate your liver by drinking the detox blends. 

More specifically toxins can cause you to have less energy, feel fatigued, and nauseous. These toxins can cause mood swings that make you act rashly. These toxins are so un necessary to your health so why would you let them inhabit your body. Begin flushing out those toxins today with detox teas such as Alphatox to improve your day to day mood. 

Your liver is the most active right after you eat a meal therefore for the best toxin cleanse effect you should drink your Alphatox tea within 20 minutes of any fatty meal to help your body break down those fats and turn them into energy rather than allowing your body to store them in your body in unwanted places. 

* Disclosure: All information provided in this blog post is not provided by any medical professional and merely based on information obtained by our professionals at Alphatox. Please always consult a doctor for advice regarding the liver.