The Benefits of Rosemary

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Rosemary is a plant native to the Mediterranean region, and it’s one of the most common spices you can find. Rosemary isn’t only famous for its beautiful smell and taste, but it’s also highly beneficial to our health as well. Here are some health benefits of rosemary and why you should add this plant to your spice rack:

Improves mood and relieves stress

The very scent of rosemary is said to improve mood and relieve stress. It is especially desirable to have this plant if you suffer from mood disorders like anxiety, mood swings, or depression.

Antibacterial properties

Apart from boosting your immune system, rosemary is also famous for being a powerful antibacterial agent, particularly for people suffering from bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract like H. pylori.

Natural breath freshener

Being a natural antibacterial agent, rosemary is also often used in oral hygiene and as a breath freshener.  

Anti-inflammatory properties

Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory substances including carnosol and carnosic acid. These substances are known to naturally reduce the inflammation.