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News — Corona Virus

Your Health, Our Priority, & Our Commitment To You Community.

Your Health, Our Priority, & Our Commitment To You Community.

Before we begin with this blog post please do note that Alphatox is OPEN and all shipments are going out with all safety measures in place, our support team is available 24/7, and delivery speeds have not been effected. 


We understand that times are a bit tough right now, and as always our commitment to the Alphatox Family remains the same. For the past 6 years we have worked diligently to provide you with the highest quality herbal tea blends online and we appreciate that you have stuck with us through thick and thin.

Since we first opened to this very day we will continue to provide you the best customer experience by striving to create high quality products, and not chase profits but promoting a healthy generation together. We started with one goal and that goal remains the same, to provide alternatives to unhealthy artificial products often found in health and wellness stores. Those same products that do the exact opposite of what they claim to do.

We will never use celebrities to gain exposure, this is not because we have a biased against celebrities, however we believe and stand by our philosophy that if a product is as good as a company claims it is, then our family of clients will spread work to their colleagues, piers, friends, and family. That exact philosophy has proven to be effective and we appreciate every single one of you as not only customers, but, truly beloved Alphatox community members for helping us grow to where we are today.

Earlier this week we updated you on all of the precautions we have taken to make sure that our product is not in shortage at such an important time where our immune systems are vulnerable to a horrible virus ( COVID-19 also known as Corona Virus ). All of our herbal blends provide your bodies with those important nutrients required  to stay healthy. 

In addition to maintaining the quickest shipping speeds and fulfillment we can, we recommend that for those of you looking for immune system support, you definitely take advantage of our detox blend as that is and has been an Alphatox Staple since the beginning and Best Seller, which truly does provide the best of both worlds in regards to fitness and wellness.

As far as financial support, as mentioned prices are been reduced site wide as we understand that right now times are a bit hard for some financially. Please feel free to use code ' TEA40 ' for 40% OFF during this time on any order, with no minimum or maximum order size. We'll also be sending out gifts with every order of your favorite blends as always. 

IF you are looking for even better discounted rates, please do consider subscribing to our mailing list at www.alphatox.com/pages/subscribe and our VIP SMS List. As we will be sending some major deals for you to take advantage of during this time. 

As profits are not our concern during this difficult time, we will also do our part as a business to help those in need and be working on deciding how we can help communities worldwide by donating a large portion of all profits to organizations that are helping those fighting the nasty corona virus, which has already taken so many lives. We'll also be donating products to those same organizations to help those that need immune system support and can't afford to purchase them and are in dire need of it.We hope that other small businesses worldwide take the same stance and unite to help those in need.

We will be continuing to update you with healthy tips and updates in the coming days & weeks to make sure that you know what the best practices are to stay safe and at the top of your fitness and health. So please do stay safe, make sure to stay home and quarantine and read articles online on best practices until we have our blog posts up on how to stay safe.

Stay safe and we look forward to keeping you updated and hopefully defeating this virus together, we know that the Alphatox community is a tight knit and strong one. We do appreciate your support as always and can't wait to continue to provide you with the best products online! 

With much love and sincerely,

Your Alphatox Team

Regarding COVID-19 & Our Commitment To Our Alphatox Family

Regarding COVID-19 & Our Commitment To Our Alphatox Family

At Alphatox, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve.

As the US and many other countries continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the mailing services, other businesses, and markets all over the world are experiencing unusual volatility, so we wanted to let you know what we're doing and how we can assist you. We know how unsettling this time can be, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Our main priority is serving the needs of our customers and employees, while continuing uninterrupted operations during this time. Here are a few of the many ways we're here to support you and some steps we have taken so far.

Orders Made In The Past 7 Days -  We have been working around the clock to reach a resolution so that all orders can return to their quick shipping times and so that you do no experience any delays with your orders going out at the same fast shipping & delivery speeds we have historically become known for. 

Today we reached a safe resolution to make sure that the product you receive meets all health and safety standards whilst making sure that our employees are safe so that they can continue to provide you with the exemplary service you have come to expect from us.

Your safety, and health of course come first for us and we know that as a health and wellness company we are serving you with goods that are necessary to keep your bodies immune systems strong & healthy during a time of major uncertainty in regards to public health. 

Timely Support Services: We'll continue to keep you updated about the effects of COVID-19 with our latest commentaries available on our blog at https://alphatox.com/blogs/news . We have managed to make sure that all employees that deal with support are now set up to work social media and SMS concierge/ email support from remote locations so that they do not need to leave their homes and remain safe as well as doing our part to stop the spread of this horrible virus to communities worldwide.

Your Satisfaction. Our Priority. Get fast answers to your questions fast. We are temporarily opening our VIP SMS/Text Support Line to ALL Customers Worldwide. If you need support immediately regarding any order. Please simply contact us at the following number:
+1 (805) 722 0799 - Alphatox VIP Customer Care TXT/SMS Support 

If you do not have SMS/TXT capabilities we also offer facebook message support & email support. You may contact us at support@alphatox.com and expect an answer as soon as an agent can get to your ticket. We have re-organized all tickets so that your wait times significantly decrease during these trying times.

As always, we remain available to assist you. Given the extraordinary circumstances, we are receiving an unusually high number of support inquiries and are working to answer your questions as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience & understand, and do not take this situation lightly at all.

We at Alphatox take the trust you've placed in us very seriously. Please stay safe—and know that, as we tackle this challenge together, we're as dedicated as ever to serving you and your fitness/wellness needs in a timely manner.

All orders will continue to be shipped out starting today as fast as they usually are supposed to go out, and we will be most definitely making sure to provide financial assistance to those in need by offering better rewards deals, and discounts to our clients as we understand the economic impact that COVID -19 may have caused in regards to employment and income.
  • Together we will overcome this tough time and come out stronger than ever! We hope that our entire Alphatox Family continues to work hard towards their fitness goals and stays safe. When you need a shoulder to lean on, rest assured we are here and willing to make sure you are alright. Thank you to all of you that make our community such a strong one and have supported us for the past 6 years and many years to come.