2020 Been A Long Year, However, Sometimes Change Is Good. We've Been Overdue For a Change & Today We Release. Alphatox Premium Fitness Website & VIP 2.0 !
While We Are Releasing Our Completely New Site, Please Be Patient As We Cater To You Completely By Satisfying Not Only The Remodel, However, Finishing Some Aspects of Our New VIP Rewards ( All Points Will Are Synced & No Coupons, Data, or Discounts Will Be Lost In The Process. Nor Will Be Tier's Lost, Simply, Upgraded! A Lot is Left To Be Done, While Most Remains The Same, Just Faster, Simpler To Navigate, & A New Expanded Product Line!


Here Are Just A Few Changes You'll Notice Right Away 
1.  Our New Seamlessly Integrated VIP Star Rewards Program 
2. Faster Loading Speeds, Simplicity In The Checkout Process, & Completely Secure Checkout Optimization!
💖 3. The Same Blends, Upgraded! We've Taken Our Famous Blends, Upgraded Our Design, & Also Made Them Even Worth More " Bang For Your Buck " , So That We Remain Your Premium Luxury Fitness Source!
👙 4. Alphatox Apparel - Coming Soon
🍾 5. New Bottle Colors Include - Light Blue, Pink , Silver, Gold, Gray, Red, & White ! Free With All Bundles or Purchase Them On Our Site Accessories!
🎰 6. Second Chance Spin! Didn't Win Your Monthly Spin Wheel? Try Our Coupon Slot Machine ( 1x Time a Month ) & Double Your Chances of Winning Free Product
✨ 7. 3 VIP Programs - VIP Beauty Star Rewards, VIP Emails ( 2019 & Newer Users Will Be Able To Join Our VIP Email List Until 03/2021 ) , & Our Biggest Flash Sale Favorite VIP Text Message List !
🆓 8. Tracking Remains Free, However, If You're Order is Under $10.00 or if You Want Expedited Shipping ( International Members Outside the U.S. & Canada ) We Now Offer FREE 2 Day Shipping Via DHL on Orders Over $99
💫 9. Updated Weekly Recipes, Workouts, Tips, & Our 1-800 Support Line! Email Us, Text Us, or Even Call Us! Making Supporting Your Fitness Journey That Much Easier.
✔ 10. We'll Add More & Keep You In The Loop, However, For Now, Enjoy The New Website!
Many Thanks To Our Alphatox Family Members New, Old, & Those Here Since Day 1. We Continue To Be After 1 Goal. That Goal is Your Success!
Team Alphatox VIP