How can I start losing weight?

This is a question we get often and a good one too. Or, how can I lose weight? There are a few ways with the most basic answer being to burn more calories than you consume. Buuuut counting your exact macro-nutrient intake can be difficult especially if you're a busy person. Good news is asking the question is the first right step. Lets keep it going!

A few good tips for losing weight are:

  1. Exercise in the morning!
    1. This helps boost your metabolism and keep you energized.
      1. Be careful thought! Exercise will make you hungry that can cause overeating. Our slimming tea helps slightly suppress your appetite naturally and prevent you from overeating.
  2. Try your best to eat healthy. Keep oil and sugar to a minimum. Our modern day environments pump fat and sugar into us like the way I used to pump wine into my stomach every Saturday. (not good!)
  3. Make the process a healthy challenge! In everything we do our mentality is so important. If you’re doing anything and you tell yourself this sucks, well surprise, it’s going to suck, a lot. However, if you tell yourself this is a great opportunity to better myself, you will actively seek it!

So how does slimming tea help?

At least in the Alphatox Slimming Tea, the ingredients come from historic, ancient and modern combinations of herbal medicine. Unfortunately, due to negative over hyping and misunderstanding many have set aside trying teas to supplement their health like we traditional have for hundreds and thousands of years.

The tea blends work in many ways:

  • The green tea helps in fat oxidation, meaning burning fat. The mix of green and oolong tea help boost metabolism burning more calories.
  • There will be a decrease in appetite and the desire to eat high fat/sugar foods may decrease as well.
  • The slimming tea will help boost your immune system thanks to the high amounts of polyphenols that also may help fight against cancer.
  • Even headaches can be relieved naturally instead of consuming a pill that damages the liver.

Knowing this I wake up every morning drinking my favorite tea; realizing that I am bettering my body and myself with every sip.I hope you enjoy the same experience.

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