Corona Virus Prevention Tips

Corona Virus Prevention Tips

Corona Virus Prevention Tips & How To Stay Safe
We know that during these unprecedented times with the spread of COVID-19 AKA Corona Virus, that times may be tough and that our community and people worldwide are in constant fear of catching this horrible and very dangerous virus.
Alphatox cares about not only our community, however, we care about the health of generations that come after us, and the well-being of the world. We began this business on the premises of promoting good health and we intend to continue to provide information and products that back our exact goals from the beginning. 
With that said, here are some quick tips to prevent yourself and others. Corona Virus Prevention Tips to keep everyone safe, please do read, not only for your own safety; the way you go about day to day life can also effect the health of others.
The World Health Organization has provided these tips to the public:
home as much as you can
a safe distance
hands often
your cough
Call ahead
We'll break down why we believe with these simple 5 steps, you'll be able to stay safe during this pandemic and hopefully help stop the spread of Corona Virus.
Staying home as much as you can, also what we've referred to as " self -quarantine " , is not recommended because the virus is present in every single space except for your home. This recommendation is more-so because, Corona Virus can be spread in many ways, when you leave for even groceries make sure to wear some latex gloves and a face mask. Never touch your face after touching any surfaces. The virus is currently known to be spread through the air by airborne travel usually within 6 feet of an infected individual, it is also known that you can catch the virus simply by touching your face, examples such as touching your nose, mouth, or eyes can cause the virus to enter your body and infect you.
2. Keeping is a safe distance from others is a precautionary measure that should be taken seriously. Always maintain at least 6 feet (2 meters) of distance from another individual. This is recommended because respiratory discharge from an infected individual has been speculated to be a major cause of the spread of this disease.
3. Washing your hands often, is not only important, but it's something we should all practice and do on a day to day business regardless. However, now more than ever it's important. After touching surfaces, some which the virus can survive on for hours such as metal surfaces, you can easily contract the life threatening corona virus disease and this should be practiced every time you go out, only for necessary reasons. Such as shopping for groceries, or going to pick up your mail. (Alphatox is working to make sure that all packages are made via home deliveries during this period so that you do not need to leave home. We also have taken all safety and sanitary measures in packaging and shipping your orders so that your packages remain completely safe. However, that's not to say that even when picking up our packages you should not sanitize the outsides or use latex gloves to open it. When traveling through the mail system, you never know who has not taken necessary safety measures and it's always a good idea no matter what to be safe. As this is a very dangerous virus, effecting millions worldwide.)
4. Cover your cough always, while this is a common courtesy that should be practiced always. Hopefully both before this virus began, and after it hopefully soon ends. We recommend you cover your cough if you have one to make sure that if you live with others or are outside in public. You keep others safe.
5. Lastly, it's very important that even if you feel a bit off. You call your doctor or local urgent care center, we recommend that you do sooner than later. Even if you simply have the common cold, it's always great to take precautions and to stay safe.
We hope that these tips help and provide some insight into why these Corona Virus Prevention Tips have been issued by the World Health Organization and many other organizations. 
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy, and Try To Stay Home!
Much Love,
Your Alphatox Family Team Members
Disclaimer: The author of this blog is not a licensed medical health care practitioner and all content is written based on tips provided by WHO (World Health Organization. Please contact your health care professional or visit for more informaton.

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