Beach Body Weight Work Out Plan Exercises For Free

Beach Body Weight Work Out Plan Exercises For Free

These are all high intensity interval training workouts which will help you build muscle,increase your endurance and burn fat in a very efficient way.
The workouts all are done with your own bodyweight, therefore no equipment is needed. These workouts can be done in the comfort of your home and are completed in a total of 20 minutes. Straight from our 

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There are 4 different workouts which should all be completed within a week but the sequence you do them in is your choice. If you like them, and want weekly exercises we offer our fitness plan and meal plans updated weekly for only $9.00 right now just click here! 

For this workout you will need a timer. You will perform 4 round of 5
minutes. Each round contains two exercises that you will alternate

You will perform exercise #1 for 30 seconds then move right to exercise
#2 for another 30 seconds you will keep doing this for 4 minutes. Go at
your own pace at first and try to become faster and faster each week.
Once the 4 minutes are over you will take a 1 minute break until starting
the second round. You will continue doing this until you have completed
the 4th round.
Don't forget to stretch and cool down after the workout, this will help you
with soreness and muscle recovery.
We wish you the best of luck with your health and fitness goals!
1 Minute Break

Exercise #1

Jumping Jacks
Stand with your feet together, knees
slightly bent, and arms to the side. Jump
while raising your arms and separating
your legs to the sides. Land with your legs
apart and arms overhead. Jump again to
the original position and repeat this
movement as fast as possible.

Exercise #2

High Knees
Lift one knee high while swinging
opposite arm up. Begin lifting the second
leg and its opposite arm be- fore planting
the lead foot. Continue the movement on
your opposite side, alternating quickly
between sides.


Picture Coming Soon

Exercise #3 

Body Weight Squats
Squat down by bending the hips back
while allowing the knees to bend forward,
keeping the back straight and knees
pointed in the same direction as your feet.
Descend until thighs are parallel to the
floor. Extend your knees and hips until
legs are straight.
Exercise #4 - Plank Pendulum
Place forearms on a mat with elbows
under your shoulders. Place your legs
together with forefeet on the floor. Raise
body upward by straightening the body.
Now bring one foot out as far out to your
side as possible keeping everything tight.
Repeat by alternating sides.
1 Minute Break


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