Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards & Perks Table!

 Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards Tiers

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💎Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards💎

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💠 Rewards Benefits, Redemption, & VIP Tiers:

 💎10 Diamonds Per $1.00 Spent 


 💎 Redeem Diamonds:
 🎁Free Products (change weekly)
 💸 $1.00 Store Credit Per 50 Diamonds (No Limit!)
 🌟 Discounts Up To 80%


Earn Diamonds:
💎Following Us on IG/FB/TWITTER (200 Diamonds Each) 
💎 Leave Product Review 500 Diamonds
💎 750 Diamonds for Photo Review)
💎 10 Diamonds Per $1.00 Spent 

 🔱 Tiered System Based on Lifetime Spend 🔱

$250.00 +  Spent: (4 Perks + 4 Rewards) 


Rewards : 1,000 Diamonds , Free 14 Day Cycle, $25.00 Store Credit, 60% Off Discount Code

$500.00 + (5 Perks + 5 Rewards)


Rewards : 2.500 Diamonds , Free 28 Day Cycle, $50.00 Store Credit, 70% Off Discount Code + Free Blender Bottle

$1000.00 + ( 6 Perks + 6 Rewards )


 5,000 Diamonds , Free Fitness Bundle, $100.00 Store Credit, 2x

80% Off Discount Code, Free 7 Day Cycle With Every Order & More!)


Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards Is Our Way of Saying Thank You To You As A Valued Community Member! Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards will always be free to sign up for, however the Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards Promotional Events such as sign up bonuses and double/triple diamond reward days/weeks are available only if you are subscribed to either our VIP SMS List / Email List.

If not then our events will still occur however you will not have prior notification of Alphatox Diamond Leaf Rewards 2X/3X Events. Check to sign up quickly and easily!