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Not only is Alphatox’s Apple Cider Vinegar gummies the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day but not sure if Apple Cider Vinegar is really all it is hyped up to be?

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Well recently, my friend had been experiencing unexplained pain in her back and decided to make a trip to the doctor, apparently, she needed to get her gallbladder removed and was given lots of pills along with it. She politely declined, also not so cheery and still in immense pain, she decided to choose the holistic resolution by turning to Apple Cider Vinegar. Now a few months later and with no exaggeration she is completely pain-free!


I have heard a handful of miracle stories, so I decided to do more research on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, which is the fermenting of sugars from apples and adding bacteria to the solution, therefore running it into acetic acid. (Acetic acid is the active ingredient in vinegar). This bacterium is organic, unfiltered, apple vinegar contains healthy bacteria, proteins, and enzymes. It does also include many nutrients and vitamins and is not a solution for detoxification.


Now it’s time for the good stuff:

Strengthens the immune system
Helps gastrointestinal issues
Lowers cholesterol
Fights diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels
Promotes healthy digestion



Apple Cider Vinegar is such a great solution to starting a healthy lifestyle so show the love of your life that you care about their wellness by giving them Alphatox’s ACV Gummies!

The gummies provide the healthy solution while being able to enjoy consuming Apple Cider Vinegar without the harsh taste of Apple Cider Vinegar the other ingredients such as organic fruit and vegetable juices, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9 blend perfectly to bring the same benefits as Apple Cider Vinegar does!


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