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Matcha Green Tea Powder is Here!

Matcha Green Tea Powder is Here!

We're very excited to introduce our newest product to our beloved Alphatox Family!

Alphatox Matcha Green Tea Powder is simply pure, high-grade green tea leaves from Japan that are stone ground into a fine powder. Some of the finest Matcha in the world is cultivated in the very ideal conditions of the Uji region.


When you drink matcha, you're actually ingesting the entire leaf of the green tea. By consuming the powder you are able to retain more nutritional benefits from the green tea. Matcha is much less processed than regular green tea leaves, allowing for maximized nutrition!

So Tealovers, Stay Calm & Enjoy Your Alphatox Matcha Green Tea Powder!~

You can purchase our Matcha Green Tea By Clicking Here!

Summer Time is Upon Us!

Summer Time is Upon Us!

Hey guys! Who's enjoying summer? It's time to finally show off what we have been working for since last summer. Oh wait... not quite there yet? It's okay, we enjoyed ourselves too. I mean, how couldn't you? With all the holidays throughout the year we don't blame you! (don't forget about Thanksgiving , the biggest cheat meal of the year, followed by the biggest leftover feast of the year!) 


Anyways, Summer is here & we all want to look good. That means that we really need to be a little conscious about our figure so that we don't let those delicious summer mimosas catch up to us. So today we're going to share a few quick tips to getting lean & staying at your desired weight!


1. High fiber foods are very important! Not only do they aid in weight loss because your body has to work harder to digest them, they keep you full longer.

Staying full longer is an obvious plus, we all have those days where we have two lunches, or too much for dinner. Foods high in fiber range from beans all the way to whole wheat bread.

It's important to avoid foods like white bread, cake, and similar foods. This is because not only do they not keep you full longer, but they leave you craving more food and no one wants to make themselves hungrier.... right?


2. Avoid SNACKING, especially late night! Okay, okay, I know. It's 11 PM, you're in the kitchen, and you're about to open the fridge. Stop right there! Snacking causes weight gain & problems alike.

Why? Because food is energy. Who needs energy before they go to sleep? No one! It's really that simple, food contains calories, calories are energy, and guess what happens to all that energy when it's not used up? You guessed it! It becomes fat, which you have to work hard to burn!


3. The final tip i'm going to give today is very important! All of us love doing cardio I assume, and if you're not doing cardio you've either reached your weight loss goal or you're working on building muscle.

That's all great, BUT, you should always keep cardio in your workout regimen, because it keeps your heart healthy! Don't forget that weight loss is not the only goal here, we are all working on building, better, healthier bodies together!

The first 20 minutes of any cardio workout is actually just your body using up any energy you've gotten from your meals. That's why it's always a good idea to workout in the morning when you're just burning fat!

After 20 minutes on cardio, (20 minutes is the average amount but don't forget everyone is different!) you should begin to burn calories that are stored in fat cells around your body. There is no such thing as targeting specific areas for fat loss. Your body burns fat from all areas when you workout!


We hope these tips help you out! If you're ready to make your order & read through this you deserve 40% off + free shipping. Right? Right! Use code " TEA40 " on the checkout page & good luck!


8 Quick Fitness Tips

8 Quick Fitness Tips

1. Working out isn't everything! Healthy eating is the backbone of your training goals. Without a proper diet you will not be able to achieve that slim body you desire so much. Food is what fuels your body and without it you're like to see a plateau in your progress. A balanced diet should consist of  fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, and good fats. Also if possible always aim to eat foods labeled as Organic!

2. Meal prep is important. You should always be prepared for whats next. By having your meals ready to go for your next day you eliminate the chances that you'll consume either bad foods or skip your meals.

3. Your range of motion in your workouts is very important. Always aim to avoid shortcuts and to have the largest ROM you can achieve. Why? It's pretty simple. Your muscles grow as a result of breaking down tissue & re healing it through a process called "muscle hypertrophy".

When your muscles fibers re heal they come back bigger & stronger!  So by completing your full range of motion you allow for more breaking down of tissue which results in more muscle growth. (If you're aiming for weight loss don't forget that the more muscle you have, the faster you burn off calories. )

4.  Supplements are important but do not take them in excess. We all love our protein shakes! However, you want to definitely try to keep your supplements to a minimum. Aim for healthy & natural supplements, often in the supplement market you will find a lot of products that are sold over the counter but not actually very safe for you.

This is because often supplements have very low  amount of regulations, so those pre-workout powders may not be the best  or safest options to get your daily boost. Try alternating with natural & organic products such as Alphatox Energy Tea! 

Your music maybe helping your workout. It sounds crazy but it has some validity behind it. A recent study suggested that people who listen to their favorite music while working out actually experience their blood vessels expand an average of 26%. More blood flow = more gains!

Progress can be completely nonexistent on the scale. Though often when the scale doesn't budge that doesn't mean you're not making progress. Taking pictures is a great idea to track progress. Take pictures of yourself from the side, front, back, and all angles in a setting with the same lighting you can use next time you take your progress pictures.

Chances are if you've been following your routine you'll be seeing some results. Remember, scales lie but pictures do not.

Cardio for more than 20 minutes is key for burning fat. First you'll want to learn to control your carbohydrate intake. If you don't you maybe just halting yourself from any real progress. Carbohydrates cause our bodies to store fat, this is because our bodies burn carbs before fats.

So the first 20 minutes you're doing your cardio you'll be burning off carbohydrates for energy, every minute after that your body begins to burn more and more stored body fats.

Lower body exercises are essential for midsection progress. Are you looking for that "six pack" ab look? Well studies suggest that doing workouts that require your lower body actually contribute to more belly fat burning.

Good Fats Vs. Bad Fats

Good Fats Vs. Bad Fats

Hey There!

We decided this week we would discuss the difference between good fats & bad fats. The reason behind this decision was to explain how Alphatox works to target bad fats while protecting good fats.

A lot of the time people are told that "fats are bad", while this is true for some fats, our bodies actually need fats to even survive! The secret to dieting is not to cut out fat completely, but to analyze what you're consuming & slowly cut out bad fats while adding more foods containing the good fats. 

Generally fats you want to avoid are trans fats & saturated fats. However this can prove challenging because food manufacturers are allowed to label them as "0g of Trans Fat" if they contain 0.5g or less. These fats are created in a chemical process called hydrogenation. This is a process used to keep the fat in packaged foods from going bad. There are definitely some certain foods you can look out for, bad fats are often found in foods such as french fries, margarine, cake mixes, and those ramen noodle snacks you've probably enjoyed in the past.

First you have your good fats such as Monounsaturated Fats (Omega-9's),  this includes things such as Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Peanut Oil and some more commonly used oils. Our other good fats would be Polyunsaturated fats which we often can find in sunflower seeds, walnuts, fish such as Salmon, Trout, & Tuna. This kind of fat can also be found in a few oils such as Soybean oil, corn oil, & flaxseed oil.

Often low fat diets can be very misleading as they are sending people a false message. The label "low fat" often urges people to stay away from fats completely, which includes of course our precious good fats! When food producers take out the fats from foods they have to replace it with something else. This "something else" is often found to be a refined carbohydrate which is from sugar.

Refined carbohydrates can cause a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels because they are digested very fast. This all adds up to result in hunger returning often & consequentially overeating & weight gain.

Alphatox teas work to target bad fats through a process of lipid peroxidation while using ingredients such as rose flower to protect your good fats from being targeted. You can find rose flower in blends such as our Detox & Calming blends.

Our Newest Bundle

Our Newest Bundle

Introducing the Metabolism Booster Bundle!


    As the Summer season approaches every year we see more and more clients asking us for the best way to go about losing weight. There are of course the obvious such as maintaining a healthy diet & proper exercise. However, you will really want to get down to specifics to see the best results.

    You need to make sure to maintain a diet that has plenty of PROTEIN in it! Very important, I capitalize the word "Protein for that reason. There is something called "Thermogenesis" which basically suggests that some foods burn more calories being digested.

     Fat has a very low Thermogenic effect , which is why it's probably not the best for your diet. But there are other nutrients that actually have very high thermogenic effects. Can you guess which ones? Well protein is definitely one of them, it has a thermogenic effect of 10x that of fat, meaning you'll be burning a ton of fat with protein in your diet.

     Now with our Alphatox Metabolism Booster you may take the Energy blend in the morning & take our Slimming blend in the evening before dinner or after dinner. These blends will have your body continually working to burn more calories throughout your day. Aside from the great taste both of these blends have you'll enjoy a much slimmer figure & a summer filled with confidence.

    This bundle is available for purchase with 40% off with code 40OFF . 

Enjoy & good luck on your fitness journey!