Weight Loss Done Right Alphatox Review , Do Detox Teas Work? Do Slimming Teas Work? How to lose weight and weight loss done right fast, for stubborn belly fat and the best detox tea and slimming teas online!

Weight loss, it's something almost half of America is striving for, yet few seem to ever reach their goals. If you were to ask me why I think this is such a hard task for us as American citizens to achieve, I'd say  the media, and self proclaimed "fitness gurus" play a big part in all of it. So here's my take on Weight Loss and Fad Diets, plus why I personally endorse Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas:

 Let's start with the media. What do you see on almost every commercial,  billboard, or magazine cover? If it's a man or a women, nine times out of ten they're displaying a picture perfect body. Those images instill the idea that this is what's to be expected from them and creates insecurities when these so called "standards" are not met. What they don't tell you is how they've altered the image, lighting, posed at the perfect angle, etc..to create this look. Some of them might even be claiming to have achieved this body with some new fad diet or weight loss product, urging you to run out and buy it so you too can look like them. You've tried them all, but this is the one that's going to work. At least that's what you tell yourself as you're purchasing it on Amazon later that evening. Let me enlighten you on something. There is not, I repeat, IS NOT, any product out there that will help you lose weight in a hurry and keep it off long term. Notice how I added, "keep it off long term". Don't get me wrong, there are  products out there that can help you shed the pounds quickly, but they're harsh on the body.  Unless you plan on using these products  for the rest of your life, which will be a short one if you go this route, I promise, you will gain the weight back just as fast as you lost it! This goes for all the "fad Diets" out there too. Bottom line, other than surgery, there's no short cut to losing weight. It all comes down to hard work and dedication in and out of the gym. 

That why when I mention Weight Loss and the so called " Fad Diets " , I really mean it, it's not in any sense that i'm saying, okay well I've looked at all other products and none of them work, but I do see the inner workings at Alphatox and this isn't a diet, it's a supplement to your weight loss ; yes it's a detox or slimming tea as you may call it, but unlike the rest which generally use the same 5-6 ingredients. I mean it, you can search, they all do the same, that's why they can provide 50 different weight loss " miracle " teas and target woman and men convincing them to lose weight!

All you have to do is put your effort into it, do some research and you'll see that Alphatox is not a Fad Diet, it's the real deal! Don't fall for the fads, the Detox Teas or Slimming Teas that cost $80 for 28 days of nothing... use products that work like Alphatox and skip the fads, there isn't anything to lose? Time maybe, but they're all vegan, natural, organically grown, and provide the benefits you want and need to replace the artificial weight loss fads and fake detox teas that really don't work..

I'm sure you're thinking well... isn't Alphatox just another Detox Tea for Weight Loss?; Yes, but actually no; Alphatox is a blend of ingredients that culminate into a plethora of different effects, they don't serve one purpose, they don't use the same  ingredients, and they don't ever use the same ingredients repeatedly. At Alphatox teas, even when you read the reviews you're reassured that the weight loss product whether it is be to lose weight with tea, shrink belly size, or simply go on a detox. I always say go for the best detox tea, and especially when the price is always great!

Now let's talk about those "fitness professionals" we see on a daily basis, all over social media. They may have a great body, but a great body doesn't make them an expert on fitness. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of knowledgable coaches out there giving great advice online, you jus have to be careful who you listen to because unfortunately, there are just as many, if not more, giving  advice that  have no business doing so. It's a shame, but it is what it is. These guys and gals ill be claiming to give you "the 6 pack you've always wanted" in less time than it takes to put your shoes on, all while eating unlimited amounts of junk food. Ok, I may be exaggerating just a bit, but you get my point. Once again, and I can not stress this enough, there is no shortcut to your dream body,  and nor should you want there to be. If it was easy, everyone would do it. The harder it is to achieve, the more you'll appreciate it once you get there. 

Weight loss comes down to one simple thing, Caloric deficit! In other words, consume less calories than your body burns. Sounds easy, and yes, once you get it all dialed in, it is. The tough part is figuring out that sweet spot to where you're losing weight, but you're not starving yourself. For athletes and gym goers alike I would recommend somewhere in the 300 to 500 caloric deficit range. This will ensure  you have the energy to maintain your strength training and cardio routines without wanting to pass out in the gym. Cutting calories will shed weight,  but you need to combine that with an exercise routine to assist the process as well as shape and tone your body. Now that you know the real way to lose wight and keep it off, it's time to put the knowledge to work. I'll leave you with a helpful tip to get started, protein=4 calories per gram, carbohydrates=4 calories per gram and fats= 9 calories per gram.

Like I mentioned above, this can be a little difficult to figure out, but once its dialed in, you're good to go. If you're interested in knowing more about caloric deficits, weight loss, foods to eat etc etc.. I'd be more than happy to answer your questions and even help you come up with a formula and meal plan to suit your needs and get you started off on the right track to meet your goals.

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